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Ego serie vs disposable cig with cartomizer

In our assortment  you can find a lot of types of electronic cigarettes. To explain you the difference between some e cigs we decided today to compare ego t serie with e cigarette with disposable cartomizer, explain its benefits and disadvantages to help you decide which model of electronic cigarette will be better for you.

Which e cig you will choose?

First of all we will describe the ego t series which is provided with changeable clearomizer which can be refilled with e cig oil. E liquids may have different level of nicotine, starting from 0mg/ml and ending on 36mg/ml so you adjust individually which kind of eliquid you need. It is worth to add that 10ml of e liquid is equivalent to 9 packages of normal cigarettes. So analysing this information we will get our invested money back already after week of esmoking. We consider the ego t an electronic cigarette destinied for people who want to quit smoking, save money or simply enjoy a healthier way of smoking without tar and carbon monoxide.

On the other hand in our list of products you can find e cigarettes with disposable cartomizers. What does it mean? For example S801B1-3 is a model with a cartomizer which can be used only once. After using all content of the cartomizer it is not possible to refill the cartridge. The capacity of the battery reaches only 300 mAh which means that you can take up to 500 puffs. The cartomizer has its firm strength and taste of e liquid and after using it you have to throw it away. However it still has an advantage which is low price of this electronic cigarette.

Who is the winner...

Ego t serie lasts longer but is more expensive. On the other hand S801B1-3 is cheaper but less technical. It is really hard to decide which electronic cigarette is better. What you have to do is consider the benefits and disadvantages of each product. So think which one suits you best...

...You decide ! ! !

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Comments: 3

  • #1

    Glen (Saturday, 23 March 2013 08:47)

    I want Ego serie! it looks better, by the way nice post ;)

  • #2

    Kevin (Monday, 25 March 2013 16:22)

    I bought ego t c4 and I'm smoking it 4th day without charging bat, wow!

  • JimdoBusiness

    Pencig e cigarette shop (Monday, 25 March 2013 22:11)

    Thanks for your post:) From our ego-t Ce4 battery you can take up to 1300 puffs!!! Enjoy:):)

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